Never Mind The Darkness

Never mind the darkness,
The sun will rise again.
That distant faded glimpse –
A starry gleam – will grow
To brighten your day anew
After this cold and lonely night.

Never mind the darkness,
Even though you cannot see,
I’m here beside you through it all.
Always. We’re walking together,
Hand in hand, until the light shatters
What blinds you to your miracle of you.

Never mind the darkness,
It leads you to honest appreciation
Of the light. Light on your skin,
Light in your soul, revealing
The forgotten beauty and strength
You still carry with you deep.

Never mind the darkness,
You are much more than that.
Don’t let it devour your joy.
Break through and let love radiate.
Present your soul, a gleaming star
Shining for those still fearful in the dark.


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