Keep My Company

It’s not that there’s no direction,
Far too many from which to choose,
For me to understand where I’m going
For me to see how much I have to lose.

To discover the paths inside and find
To whom those brick roads travel
So I can let my being finally breathe,
This wound up girl can at last unravel.

Fear appears in losing me on the many roads,
Paved fervently with spirits and stone,
Looking for some honest enlightenment
With a flame that proves to me I am alone.

I can only old memories to keep my company,
But when all the journeys have been taken
What I’ll need far more than anything are
Your arms, me wrapped in my sacred haven.

Be here, I beg, when I return from that travelled road.
Share with me your newest stories untold,
And I’ll tell you of all my own adventures,
As we recognize each other, and let our love unfold.


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