Scattered Pieces

It took years to gather up
The pieces he scattered
Throughout my life,
To gather up the courage
To even think about moving
Forward for myself –
Something that once felt a
Selfish and self-centered betrayal
To all those who shattered
Along with me in his wake.

I was working, slowly, on picking up
Those last few shards of memories
When you passed me for the first time,
In an overcrowded hallway of paper thin
Walls and paper thin hearts worn
On sleeves belonging to youth’s fragility.
I had no idea of the story – our story –
Shaping itself into our futures,
As natural as climbing ivy,
Taking over every inch of me.

And it did. Take over every inch of me.
It twisted through my anxious mind,
Wrapped around a still mending heart,
And created a sanctuary for the butterflies
Whose wings had not stopped beating
In the deep pit of my aching stomach
Since I first heard your voice say my name.
You have captured me, wound me in your love
So completely that, for the first time ever,
I am not afraid of my pieces scattering again.


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