Old Friend

Old friend, it’s been some time. 
Your face, though ragged,
Refreshes my burned out soul. 
Collapsed up in myself, it’s
Charred and close to ashes. 
But, old friend, you’re a breeze,
One beckoning in a rain. 
A downpour meant to clear away
The mess of burnt debris,
Meant to uncover what survived. 
That there survived a morsel of light
Is far more than I’d imagined. 
Oh, but you, old friend, have always
Been the one to see me all. 
The bad as I can see, but the good 
As well. The good to which I’m blind
Without your sight to guide me back
To an appreciation for self and 
Salvage these beautiful remains. 
Old friend, it’s good to see you again. 
It’s so good to see myself. 


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