Writing Ups and Downs

I love writing. It’s one of those things that just brings out all the feels. It’s like a workout for my emotional well being; it starts out feeling like a needless chore, but by the end I feel like I could run a marathon. Or at least write a story about somebody who runs one.

The after-writing glow is addictive, which is why I always end up talking myself into becoming a full-time writer and living off my creativity. Who needs luxuries like fresh produce or shampoo? If I’ve got my writing, I’ve got all I need!

I feel ya, Mary. The future is ours!

I feel ya, Mary. The future is ours!

And then reality knocks me on my ass with a quick reminder of my ever-increasing debt so graciously bestowed on me by that wonderful experience we call college. No. No, I don’t need luxuries like fresh produce and shampoo, which is good because my 12% interest rate means I’ll be living off Ramen and taking sponge baths for the rest of my days.

In other words, how on Earth am I supposed to write “for a living” when I’m busy picking up every penny I pass on the street to pay off my student loans? Living on love is one thing; living with debt collectors knocking down my door to come steal my soul is another. So I get myself all hyped up about being a writer only to have the real world slam me back down on the incredibly unforgiving ground. Thanks, real world.

Oh, Jess. Why can't we just throw our hats and be happy?!

Oh, Jess. Why can’t we just throw our hats and be happy?!

This blog is somewhat of solution to the “real world” problem – or at least a decent attempt at procrastination. Do I want to be a full-time writer? Do I want my work published? Do I want to sign a book and actually have that increase its value? Do I want to feel like even just one soul has been touched by what I have to say? Yes. Do I have the financial means to do what I want? No. Will I ever? Probably not. So I’m here. On a blog. Secretly praying it leads to some sort of entrance into the book world – as a writer or editor – but realizing it probably won’t. Oh well. I asked Santa for a horse for a good ten years in a row with no luck. This can’t be any harder to handle than that.



4 thoughts on “Writing Ups and Downs

  1. I love this! I also feel the “after-writing glow”, and often feel like quitting my job just to chase after it. You’ve got a great voice and a passion that flows to the reader through your writing. Keep up the blog and maybe your wish will come true. I can’t wait to see more!

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