A Little Tidbit

It has been a crazy week. Most weeks end up being pretty chaotic when you’re a full-time nanny to a toddler and in your last semester of graduate school, but this one definitely felt like being an overachiever.

By the way, to any of you parents who have gone back to school or had a child while enrolled, bravo! You all are now officially on my list of everyday heroes. Give yourselves a round of applause and be sure somebody else gives you a relaxing massage because you deserve it. I get a few hours each day to myself, which makes it easier to focus on school work or go to Panera and get in the zone – the zone is always better with a bread bowl. I can’t imagine being on the clock 24/7 as mommy or daddy and have the same expectations set by classes. You’re amazing!

Back to the week – craziness. In case I forgot to mention this earlier, I also run a subscription box business on top of the nanny gig and grad student deal. Yeah, true story. Why you ask? Because I am addicted to helping others as well as buying cute things for kiddos. One day I realized I could help busy parents by created curated subscription boxes for their little ones so they could spend more quality time at home, and I could enjoy shopping with an actual goal in mind. Turns out founding and running a small business is a lot of work. Who’d have guessed?!

Anyway, that’s what this week has been all about. I’ve been getting orders in and packaging up our July boxes for Bundles of Joy. I have to admit, it always feels a bit like Christmas when it gets to the packaging time. I love thinking about the kiddos’ faces when they open up their Bundles and see all the goodies! But it does take a lot of time and effort to make it happen. On top of that, we are still very new, and the stress of trying to grow the business is always chilling in the back of my mind. I really think there’s something here for me, and I want to watch the business grow and evolve; I just don’t have a business background, so it’s all been quite a learning experience so far.

But along with business, I’m learning a lot about myself throughout the process. As I mentioned before, there is a lot about me I haven’t unearthed quite yet, and I see Bundles of Joy as a great opportunity to grow in ways I’ve never expected. It should be an interesting ride!

Enjoy my awkward attempt at speaking in front of a video about Bundles of Joy. You may want to get some popcorn. It’s a hoot.


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