It’s Me! It’s Me!

In case you didn’t get it from the title… it’s me!

What’s me? I’ll tell you what’s me. The proofreader in this YouTube video below is me! The video is by a wonderful author, Tammy Ferebee, who has a brand new YA novel coming out in a matter of weeks! The book is called Outsiders, and I was honored to be the final proofreader before the novel began the publication process. I’ll link her website here in case you’re interested in learning more about her and her story.

As you guys know, I’m in the “Where the hell is my life going” stage of life. I believe it’s also known as your twenties. With finishing grad school this week – please excuse me while I go do a celebratory dance – I’ve been feeling quite stressed about what’s next. I’m trying to break into the freelance world, but it’s hard to find people to take a chance on you. Tammy did that for me. She knew I was new to the game and chose to hire me anyway, and it worked out so well for us both. I’m incredibly thankful for her trust and look forward to a great working relationship in the future!

Go ahead and check out the video below to learn a little bit more about the editing process and hear what Tammy has to say about my work. Maybe your manuscript will be the next I get to edit!


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