Boyfriend/Girlfriend Challenge

I’ve had a blast with Youtube lately. I love vlogging, and Booktube has been a great community, welcoming me with open ars. However, I also want to use this opportunity to find out more about my loved ones and make memories with friends and family. In this video, my boyfriend, Ian, and I did a relationship challenge. We’re pretty on top of things, but there were a few that had us disagreeing. I look forward to looking back on this in a few years and seeing if anything’s changed.


2 thoughts on “Boyfriend/Girlfriend Challenge

  1. This is great! I love YouTube, although I’ve never had the opportunity to start a channel before. Have enjoyed reading your blog and watching the video, wish you a pleasant day x

    • Thank you very much! You should definitely try making a channel! It’s not too hard if you give yourself a schedule to stick to that way you have a routine and don’t go overboard. And it’s certainly helped me come out of my shell! 🙂

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