Pay It Forward for 9/11

I have a request!!

Today marks the 14 year anniversary of an unthinkable tragedy. It’s affected us as individuals, as a nation, and as a world. It’s a somber day on which we remember all the lives lost in New York, DC, and Pennsylvania. But instead of letting this day drown in sorrow, let’s use it to honor those who were lost in the attacks.

Today, while in a drive through line picking up breakfast, I chose to pay for the order of the car behind me. A small gesture, but something nonetheless. I simply asked the worker to tell the person in that car to pay it forward in memory of 9/11.

I want to see how many people I can get to pay it forward today. Not only does it give you a chance to make somebody else’s day, but you can also honor those who gave their lives 14 years ago. They would want us to join together, be strong, and be kind to one another. We all were affected somehow by 9/11. Let’s make the day a little easier on one another with some random acts of kindness!

Please share this so we can get as many people as possible to participate. And be sure to share your good deed below. I can’t wait to hear what some people come up with!!

Thank you! ‪#‎payitforwardfor911‬


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