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I’ve been doing pretty well with this daily vlogging deal! Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more daily videos as well as some BookTube videos thrown in here and there! Really hoping to find a good way to connect that channel and my writing that I like posting here. Time to brainstorm!

Just Laura

Have an amazing weekend!!

Books I Need to Finish!

Have you ever started a book and completely forgot to finish it? Maybe life just got too busy or you weren’t really feeling the story at the time. Perhaps you’re like me, and you are afraid of being emotionally scarred by the outcome of the book, so you ignore it. That’s healthy, right?

Here’s my newest Booktube video about my ‘To Be Finished’ books. Making the video has actually gotten me super pumped to finish these. Yay for motivation!!

Welcome to BookTube!

So while I continue writing and enjoying this blog, I want to start becoming more active in the BookTube community on YouTube as well. Here’s my first video, which was a ‘New to BookTube Tag’. If you’re interested in books and enjoy YouTube, you should definitely check out this community. They’re very welcoming and have some fun things to say about books!