I used to be me. 

A recipe of pieces come 

together easily, fondly. 

Smooth as warmed butter,

calm as the sunrise bay. 

I was an amalgamation of

amicable pieces,

born to connect – to work. 

When I woke up this morning,

everything had changed. 



You taught me
How to take credit.
I will teach her
How to take responsibility.

You taught me
How to wipe out forests.
I will teach her
How to grow a garden.

You taught me
How to burn down bridges.
I will teach her
How to cross confidently. And kind.

You taught me
How a secret hurts.
I will teach her
How to trust her voice.

You taught me
How to break.
I will teach her
How to build.

And she will be good.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.”

Being All Me

Being all me.
At once, for always.

Five, dressed
As Snow White,
Marrying Daddy
With a living room
Of amused guests.

Twelve, acting
A know-it-all,
Knowing the only
Thing I know is
I’m out of my depth.

Fourteen, walking
Hallways, head down,
Feeling the weight
Of freshman year and
Innocence still intact.

Eighteen, falling
Into my own rhythm,
Falling further still
Into a first love,
Finding first can be true.

Twenty-two, confused
But with a degree,
Wondering, do I
Have to be an adult?
Where’s daddy’s hand?

Twenty-five, coming
To terms with this me,
Becoming a solid sketch
Of the person meant
To live the life ahead.

And this me is that me,
Built of tiny memories.
Built of pieces of a girl,
Changed by time,
By love, by loss.

But still that girl
In a Snow White dress
Who knows it all,
Who shies away until
Love catches her eye.
The girl, utterly lost,
But loving every moment.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”


Collision of two forces,
Of soul upon beautiful soul,
With room not left for passage
Of the outside world through
This bond established here. 
Breaths are made to match,
Mates just as much as souls,
To create a rhythmic soundtrack
For the collision continuously 
Colliding through life oblivious 
To all beyond its passionate wake.